(Jungle Boy) 30 inspire a child’s room wall painting

The forest is an area with dense trees and plants, the largest form of life in the world. There live millions of lives, like a metropolitan city. Also serves as a lung for survival on earth. Besides its function, the theme of the forest is an appropriate alternative to be a choice in decorating the walls of a child’s room. By presenting the forest in their room, making the atmosphere of the room feel cool in the eyes. The dominant green color is a representation of nature which is full of, balance, fertility, freshness, so that it gives a relaxing effect for children.

Maybe there are some children who do not really like the color green, because it seems innocent and less exciting. The color seems boring, because every child has the nature and tendencies of each. You can add various types of animals that live in the forest, animals that are familiar to children. Animals with a variety of color patterns will give a different impression on their feelings. That is very important to be attentive, so they are not too quickly bored. The cute animal characters in cartoons you can choose so that the green color does not dominate, and maybe that is his favorite. Adding cartoon characters or their favorite animals will add to the children’s feelings of excitement. Here is an example of a forest-themed mural for you.

Another way you can apply is to highlight animals with a slight impression of the atmosphere of the forest, by not forgetting the theme. Like the picture below.

cartoon characters will add a cheerful impression, the appearance of secondary colors will add a sense of joy in their hearts.

You can also display the impression of a forest in a room without the dominance of green. With a sketch of trees and animals the atmosphere of the forest will feel more simple, modern, and decorative. Because children’s tastes are different, but the theme of the forest is still felt.

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