10 Models of Modern Iron Hanger Designs

Clothes hanger is an important element for maintaining the neatness of clothes in the cupboard. The hanger design is adjusted functionally and in a practical way to make it easier when clothes are inserted. The hanger innovation is born following the development of fashion that continues to develop, and the hanger serves fashion well.

Hanger has a different shape and size from each other, even though they have the same function. In particular, modern hanger designs provide a practical solution for storing clothes in a cupboard. The folded shape of the hanger has a function for each different garment, for those who pay attention to appearance well. Here are ten modern hanger designs with various models.

Elongated Head Hanger


Hanger with Two Folds


Hanger with Two Metal Clamps


Hanger Classic Design


Vintage Hanger Design


Corrugated Hanger


Modern Hanger       


Simple and Practical Hangers


Triangle Hanger Design


Hanger Swivel Hook



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