10 Types of Ornamental Vines for Home Coolness

Some types of ornamental plants are very good for changing the house more cool and beautiful. This plant has two types, namely flower vines and leaf vines. Leaf vines do not grow flowers, these types of plants are widely used to decorate the fence.While flower vines as the name implies these plants grow flowers. This type of plant is good for home decoration. To get to know more closely the types of vines that you can choose as a plant at home, here are the types of plants:

1. Silver Dollar Vines
This plant’s roots are strong enough to be able to grow on soil with a rough texture. This type of plant is suitable to be a decoration of the fence of the house and also suitable for indoor decoration. The green color of the leaves will add to the impression of green when these plants grow perfectly.

2.Morning Glory Vines
The flowers are so beautiful when blooming makes this plant very popular. Nursing these plants is quite easy so it is suitable for beautifying the house.

3. Alamanda vines
This type of plant is fast growing, the color of yellow flowers is very appropriate to be made in the garden or canopy decoration.

4. Red Betel Vines
This vines have medical properties for worship, called health plants.

5. Zebrina Pendula Vines
The colors purple, blue, and white make the line pattern on the leaves become an easily recognizable feature of this plant. Many plant lovers use this type of plant for hanging decoration. The zebrina pendula plant has medicinal properties as boils.

6. Photos Scandes Vines
This one vines is almost the same as the type of dollar vines and can grow to reach a height of six meters.

7. Mandevilla Vines
This plant needs lots of sun to grow, it is suitable to grow in the tropics.

8. Petrea Volubilis vines
Vines from Central America, growing in tropical climates, have flower colors like lavender flowers.

9. Bougenville Vines
Beautiful pink, yellow, purple, this flower decorates the balcony terrace and curb appeal.

10. Soapwort Vines
Maintenance of this plant is quite easy because it does not need a lot of water and is very suitable to decorate the garden. This plant is a raw material for soap and shampoo.

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