13 PVC Sculpture Ideas for Garden Decoration

In addition to cheap PVC material is also easy to make decorating ideas, one of the ideas that emerged from PVC pipes is a cute bird statue. Sculptures from this material are easy enough to do at home, enough to capitalize on the accuracy and patience in making it. We present several ideas PVC sculptures that can be used as inspiration to decorate the park. Some of the statues among flamingos, storks, penguins, parrots, which are made of PVC material. This kind of idea was once popular in the eighties, many flamingo statues adorn the park- garden and pond in homes at that time. The material used in cast cement is poured into molds. But in this modern era there are many ideas that can be obtained, bird sculptures from PVC material become smart ideas that can be tried For PVC garden sculpture decoration is quite interesting to do.

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