20+ Murphy Bed Designs in a Stunning Interior

Murphy’s bed is a foldable bed that sticks to a wall or in one cupboard. It is ideal for a multipurpose room, living room, dining room, home office, home theater, all can be compacted in one fold. This is a great way very practical in building several rooms in one room. Murphy’s bed also includes a storage cupboard for clothes and bookshelves, all neatly organized in one box.Many factors to be made as a reason why Murphy’s bed is an option. Besides saving space also saves costs because there is no need to buy a storage cupboard, Murphy’s bed has answered all of it. For the design of this bed offers many variants that can be adjusted with the interior concept in bed. This bed is an important part of showing a charming room. Want to prove it? Check out the pictures below, and see how Murphy’s bed works.

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