33 Natural Stone Garden Path Ideas

The stone slab is a suitable material to make a garden path look natural, a material that is sturdy and easy to obtain. Technically the process is also not difficult, you can arrange it naturally to form a road that divides the garden. This technique does not require cement as an adhesive, with a little digging land as a place to put stone slabs according to size. Stone slabs are placed on the excavation so it is not easy to shift, just adjust the shape of the road that has been planned and existing stone slabs. Do it step by step, the stone garden path you can easily finish.

1. A garden path with natural stone slabs

The second way is to tie it with cement to get results that are really sturdy and durable. This method makes the appearance of the garden path look neat, because you can make the roadside flat overall. The second technique is different from the first technique, you must calculate the width of the road and its height. The height of the road must be precisely measured so that the surface is completely flat. There are no mistakes in planning that make the road bumpy. You can make the creation of a garden path look beautiful by inserting gravel or using bricks as a curb .

2. The combination of gravel and brick

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