Beautiful and Flowery White Picket Fence

White painted wooden fence is very popular in America which is an inseparable part of classic rustic style houses. Beautiful flowers are blooming and decorating every gap of the fence, enhancing the beauty of the outside appearance. Fences with this style are still loved by many people America in generations. It’s like a lasting memory that will never take time. And white is a historic color for Americans, although for this color fence requires more care. But the interesting advantage is that this fence is a relative attraction cheap for classic American-style houses.

Some of the flowers that commonly decorate the white picket fence of the American style include roses, sunflowers, hortensia flowers. These flowers are often made into decorative fences adapted to the design of the house. If you still retain the tradition of this classic home fence, we present 23 picket fences with beautiful flowers to make the right inspiration.
So you can decide what kind of ideas you are looking for, or maybe the ideas here can add insight to your ideas.

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