Bicycle Planter to Beautify Your Favorite Ornamental Plants

Of the many models of plant stands, the bicycle model is my favorite. Especially the classic bicycle, the design is very artistic, so I chose it to beautify my collection of ornamental plants. With this idea I got two benefits that can be enjoyed every day, in the garden or indoors. Because bicycle plant stands are quite interesting to display indoors. Maybe you have found a lot of outdoor bicycle plant stands. This time I will share them with you, bicycle plant stands are very interesting for interior decoration.
This bicycle planter stand you can buy in online stores, or you can order one. If you like DIY work, recycling an old bicycle is a fun idea. Clean the bike from rust and paint it, you can choose the color you want.

If the ornamental plants in your house are still in the form of pots or hanging, try using a bicycle planter, especially if they are flowers, they will definitely look more beautiful and you will make attractive decorations for your home.

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