Calligraphy For Wall Decor Inspiration

The development of Islamic calligraphy art with very fast contents with various media in the works, giving interesting colors of beauty to decorate the walls. As a medium to preserve the holy verses of the Qur’an, calligraphy has become one of the most respected fine art forms. make it a beautiful work of art. Not just decorate the room or the implementation of the verses of the Qur’an, calligraphy becomes the identity of a Muslim home. Calligraphy becomes a symbol and presents a religious atmosphere.

Popular calligraphy that reads asma allah, muhammad, ayat kursi, asmaul husna, kalmah basmalah, which is applied to canvas or engraved on iron and brass plates. The development of contemporary Islamic art allows calligraphy to be designed as a beautiful bookshelf. when posted on the wall as a place to put books and scriptures.
We present a variety of calligraphy-themed financial decorations as inspiration, to beautify the house.

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