Colorful Kitchen Decoration Ideas (Inspired by Mondrian Art)

Mondrian art is easy to recognize with its unique visual composition, white base color, vertical and horizontal black lines separating primary colors in one box. The concept of fine art Piet Mondrian becomes an inspiration for modern kitchen decoration to create a charming colorful kitchen with a look which is completely different. The Mondrian style uses only primary colors, this makes the kitchen color display more organized. The colors red, blue, yellow are applied to a box, kitchen furniture represents this decoration style. The furniture and kitchen utensils are suitable media for applying Mondrian art kitchen decorating ideas. Black color is a border that heats every shape, this will make a beautiful contrast in each color.

It might be too complicated to understand deeper what the true meaning and purpose of Mondrian art is. But one thing that is common and easy to understand, Mondrian art is identical with red, blue, yellow, which is limited by black lines. That’s an easy way to understand or remembering Piet Mondrian’s work. This art style can also be easily made into kitchen decorating ideas. Simply red, blue and yellow can be potted into square-shaped fields in the kitchen. Kitchen cupboards, refrigerators, kitchen utensils, ceramics, all square shaped objects are a suitable medium for applying this idea.
Without difficulty, the colorful kitchen decorating ideas in the mondrian style below are the right inspiration.

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