Corrugated Paper Crafts for Adorable Christmas Decorations

Have you prepared your winter holidays well? Plan to decorate your house with cute and festive colorful ornaments. I suggest you start a DIY project at home, make Christmas decorations using corrugated paper. Practical and easy to work materials, you can enjoy DIY work and enjoying warm coffee.
Now what are you waiting for, get started on this Christmas DIY project and get ready with adorable decorations. I am sure that you and all who see DiY Christmas crafts will be amazed, let’s get started.

Adorable Snowman

Roll the corrugated paper in a circle, make different sizes. One big size for the body and one small size for the head. Glue the two halves together, now you have two circles that are joined. Next work decorating, to make it look like a snowman add eyes and nose Think simple, make small circles out of paper or similar material. Black for the eyes and another color for the buttons, and you can choose any color you like. This is a personal DIY project, so feel free to pour ideas.
Add other decorations to make it look cuter, hats, bow ties, and maybe you have other ideas? Just pour.

You can go another way, there are lots of ideas for making snowmen using corrugated paper.All are easy crafts, and you can develop your imagination widely.

Cute Santa Claus from Corrugated Paper

The advantage of using corrugated paper material is that it is easy to shape. Making cute and cute Santa figurines using this paper is not a complicated job. Take red and make a circle with a size you can adjust, push the center of the roll to form a cone. Just slowly when pushing , don’t overdo it because the paper rolls can unravel. Push and pull the second cone from the top slowly towards the side, this is to make a Santa’s hat. You can decorate the Santa’s hat using cotton, roll the cotton in a circle and glue it with glue. Beard, eyes, mustache. nose, eyebrow, and hands, all using corrugated paper. Use a toy eyeball if you find it difficult to cut small sizes like the image below.

Toy eyeballs are not a bad idea, look at the Santa Claus face looks very cute. The beard mustache also looks very real when using corrugated paper.


Cute Reindeer Head

Kids will love this DIY project, making a reindeer head Christmas decoration using corrugated paper. If you include the kids in a DIY project, come up with a fun and easy idea. One like in the picture above, a cute reindeer head. Kids will love this craft, and they want to make it again and again.

DIY Christmas Tree using Corrugated Paper

How many DIY christmas tree ideas have you found on the internet? And I have one of the DIY christmas tree ideas using corrugated paper. According to the theme of this article, it’s all about corrugated paper. The table needs an interesting view to be the center of attention, you can place tree crafts this Christmas as decoration.
Make a circle pattern of 23 pieces of different sizes, ranging from the largest to the smallest. Make the right rhythm so that the size is easy to see, and this is not difficult. After all the patterns are finished, cut the edges of the circles to form teeth. the smallest ones form a cone. Add a star decoration to the top, and you’ve finished an easy DIY Christmas tree.

The corrugated paper Christmas tree above is not a difficult craft, you are a beginner DIY will easily assemble it. You only need to roll the red corrugated paper into a cone. If you like green, purple, orange, white, that’s not a problem, find a favorite color you and get started.
You can add other decorations besides snow crystals, free your imagination and use all the materials you have.

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Everything about DIY, even Christmas tree hanging decoration is also one of the DIY crafts. It’s not difficult to make it, you just need to roll and roll corrugated paper.

If you like shiny, give it sparkling colors.

Cute Hanging Decorations

There have been many crafts made, but don’t miss this one. Corrugated paper snowman hanging using ropes and clothespins. Many Christmas decoration ideas using clothespins, and in this idea I didn’t miss it.

Special Decoration

Decorate the Candles

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