Creative Chalkboard Ideas For Children’s Expression Media

Scribbles of children may look chaotic as they please. What they express is a form of what they see. They try to pour all their admiration with an abstract form. Children use the media they meet to express themselves, on walls, floors, even important notebooks. Sounds very fun, but the fact is their creative process is growing. For that, give them room for expression. Providing a blackboard for them is a good idea. Children will be more focused in pouring their scribbles. You can make blackboards of various sizes attached to the walls of their rooms or wardrobe doors. Make the blackboard wall resemble the shape of a mountain or a house. All of that is made as a more directed media for children to pour their scribbles so that the walls stay clean and still look neat. That is also one way of teaching children to appreciate their work alone.

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