Creative Idea of Making Christmas Gifts with a Money Tree

The best Christmas gift and have been waiting for is giving cash, everyone will love this gift. Getting cash prizes of course we can buy other gifts we want. That is why cash gifts are more meaningful and a unique Christmas surprise. It takes a unique idea to arrange the money to make it more special. Especially this year is a special Christmas celebration, so it takes great ideas. If this is an annual tradition, this year’s Christmas needs a different look. Here are creative and unique ideas stringing money for christmas gifts.

Surprise Simple and Memorable

unique christmas money gift ideas

Simple and practical ideas are not bad for Christmas, if you like practical things this idea is the right solution. Fold the money to form a conical triangle, depending on how much money you want to give. Three or five as long as the number is odd, the even number is less attractive. Then put it together. so that it resembles a tree shape, to make it more real add a twig. This will look like a real replica of a Christmas tree, not too difficult right.

The picture above shows a toy car transporting a Christmas tree, but a Christmas tree made of several dollar bills. This idea can be used to give a surprise gift to children or teenagers, they will definitely love it.


Party Gifts

Christmas money tree gifts on the banquet table

You can also come up with a unique idea for the Christmas party. Everyone you invite gets a cash gift they can pick up on the table, and chocolate as an added bonus. The dollar sheets are folded and stacked like a pine cone, small pieces of paper as the illusion of snow . Styrofoam beads can also be used to resemble artificial snow, depending on which one you prefer. Add some chocolate, wrap it like a gift, and see how adorable this surprise gift is.


Gifts That are Easy to Make

christmas gifts


special christmas gift

Do not burden yourself, make this year’s Christmas prep work fun. If you have trouble folding money, make it as simple as possible. Fold as much as you can, and tie the twigs in rows, put star decorations, you can add some decorations to make it look more attractive.Now you can breathe easy, a job can be passed without any difficulties.



Christmas Money

Christmas parcels

Money is folded and tied with ribbons like a flower, beautifully arranged to form a Christmas tree. The golden color dominates the glory, the money tree looks elegant for a cash Christmas gift. A gift like this is certainly for a special person, because you make it with your heart. can be the right choice for a Christmas surprise for your loved ones.


Simple Christmas Money

money tree christmas parcel

Roll the banknote, make it loose not too narrow so that it is easy to tie. Tie it with a rubber band or you can glue it with duct tape. I recommend using a rubber band or other tie, because it will not damage the money.Arrange it gradually step by step, if it is in order, add garnishes as a sweetener. You have finished the money tree well.

Cute Christmas Money Tree

cute christmas money tree decoration

Want to give a cute and adorable cash Christmas gift, here is an idea that you will definitely love. A tiny Christmas tree made of money, with a red pot and a cute penguin decoration on top. Looks so cute, and who could get it?


Golden Yellow Christmas Money Tree

dazzling christmas gifts

Golden yellow is an elegant color, symbolizes success and dignity. If you want to give a Christmas cash gift to someone you admire, this is an idea I highly recommend. How to arrange money is simple, but the golden yellow xmas ball ornament makes it look luxurious.
Luxury in simple designs is an idea that will leave an unforgettable impression. Don’t hesitate to take this idea as a Christmas gift inspiration.


Movie Character Theme

star wars christmas tree

You can add your favorite characters to the Christmas money tree, be it a cartoon character or a superhro. In addition to the xmas ball, adding a miniature of your favorite character is a creative idea that you can try. In order for your work to not mess up, adjust the color choice of the xmas ball according to the character you will choose. This is important to pay attention to, so that your work on making the Christmas money tree is done perfectly.

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