Balloon Decoration Ideas for Small Party at Home

The Covid-19 epidemic that infects the whole world makes everyone have to stay at home. Many plans are delayed or cannot be done in the near future, who knows how long this will end. We cannot escape from the current reality, but all what happened today do not make all your plans disappear. Maybe a few days or a few weeks is the birthday of your baby. All the plans you have written are gone in an instant, this is certainly very disappointing. You have to change your birthday party plans with ideas simple at home, because the situation does not support to invite close friends.

Balloons are a common object in every party, birthday parties will be more cheerful with creative decorating ideas using balloons. This idea is quite easy to do at home, your free time is more valuable with this simple work. You can invite children to make some decorations using balloons. Some of the ideas for decorating balloons below can be inspired:

1. Fruits of Balloons
This idea is quite simple by adjusting the color of the balloon to match and fruits, purple for grapes, yellow for bananas, orange for oranges, and so on. Add paper leaves to the balloon’s ties, cute fruits in front of you to decorate.

2. Cute Animals from Balloons
Children will love this idea, they are certainly very enthusiastic about making animal characters from balloons. You can invite them to make animal ideas that are very familiar with them. Dinosaurs, cats, dogs, flamingos, and many more. This simple idea is quite effective in making children find their passion, and this work is fun to do with them at home.

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