Creative Ideas Tree Branches for The Bathroom

Have you ever thought of bringing a tree branch to the bathroom, maybe this is a crazy idea that has ever been done. What can be taken from a tree branch, maybe to push a clogged water channel. But here we get a creative idea to process it into something useful when brought to the bathroom.This idea is very simple and can be done alone, for DIY lovers, lovers of rural style, lovers of natural decoration, this idea is very inspiring to try. What can be done a tree branch in the bathroom ?

1. Tissue holder
Tree branches can be turned into natural tissue holders in the bathroom, you don’t need to spend tens of dollars on this idea. Just need a little polish on tree branches, where cool tissue sticks to your bathroom. See how tree branches become functional objects that can you copy.

2. Towel Hook
You can buy towel hooks with a variety of tempting designs, but this towel hook gives a different color. Tree branches are very creative towel hooks for your bathroom.

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