Decorative Lights are Very Amazing for Anime Lovers

Dragon ball is a very well-known anime series, with super powers possessed by characters in dragon ball movies that are very fond of. Son Goku’s character is the only one that is very iconic, glowing golden yellow hair when turned into super seiya makes Son Goku is very cool. But what is sure to be remembered by fans is the power of bomb spirit. It is the mainstay of Son Goku which is always used to fight his enemies.

Not just son goku but almost all the characters in the dragon ball series use similar powers. So the power of spirit bombs is very familiar to fans of anime dragon ball. Bomb spirit is an amazing inspiration for decorative lights for room decoration, loyal fans of dragon ball will certainly not visit it. Let’s look at creative ideas using miniature anime dragon ball characters as decorative lights.

Now look at how this lamp lights up? Son Goku is using his power, a glowing ball of light. Very cool and great this lamp to be used as decoration of the room, anime lovers should not miss it.

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