Decorative Lights Made from PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl Klolida or PVC has many advantages and is widely used in life. Ranked third in the world after polyethylene and polyproline in its use. The relatively cheap price is the reason for the use of PVC material in the field of industrial products. This material has superior durability, lightweight, resistant fire, as well as the elastic can be formed by adding plasticizer. That is a consideration why many PVC materials are used.

One of the PVC materials that are widely used in housing is PVC pipes for water lines. But in this article I will share interesting inspiration from PVC pipe materials. Not about waterways but lights from PVC that can inspire. Interesting lights for the home you, decorative lighting as a decoration to beautify the look of the room or as a bedroom lamp and table lamp. With affordable costs and easy to obtain raw materials, PVC pipes can be transformed into beautiful works of art. No one would have thought that those lights made of a pipe.
Without length, see the pictures below. Hopefully useful for you, I say creative greetings.

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