DIY 31 Ideas Making Rat Paper Characters

For many people rats are disgusting, they are dirty and dirty. Even so many animators turn them into funny and playful characters. No wonder so many kids really like rats in real life. They think of rats as adorable animals like in their favorite movies. If you look closely the mouse does look funny, it makes sense if it is made into ideas in many fields of industry.

The character of mice can be an inspiration to make beautiful decorations. In this case I focus on paper material, in addition to the cheap price, it is not difficult to get it. expensive equipment to process paper waste. Many models that can be created in making the character of mice made of paper that I collect from the example image below.

Are you interested in trying to make it at home, making a variety of paper creations from paper? Try it … it might get rid of a little amusement when you see a real mouse.

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