DIY Alternative Christmas Trees You Can Try in 2020

This December, try to decorate your home with a DIY non-traditional Christmas tree that you can make yourself using recycled materials. Traditional trees are expensive and need maintenance, especially if you live in an apartment with limited space. Tree alternatives are a great solution to decorating at affordable cost. There are many alternatives that you can take, something bright and minimalist or unique and stylish. Adjust to your interests and determine the style of holiday decoration that will add to the personality of your home. Look at this Christmas tree that is beyond tradition and far from usual, you will get the right inspiration.

Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

You can make an alternative Christmas tree from a collection of cut plastic spoons. If you like something clean and holy, choose a white plastic spoon.

Combining two colors of white and silver gives a luxurious impression to your Christmas holiday decorations at home.

The silver color is very attractive, the sparkling Christmas tree represents majesty. This color can be the right choice of an alternative Christmas tree, you can choose a DIY tree that suits your home decor style.

Plastic forks can also be used to make Christmas trees, and the results are not bad.

Feather Tree           

If you like gentleness, the alternative feather Christmas tree is perfect for decoration. White candles make the atmosphere even more solemn.

Pine Flower Christmas Tree

Pine flowers can also be used as an alternative Christmas tree idea, a natural decoration to welcome winter guests.

Christmas Tree from Colored Pencils

This idea might sound a little out of the ordinary, but what happened? Crochet and cut colored pencils can be used as an alternative creative Christmas tree idea. For those of you with an anti-extreme style, try these decorations and make a difference.

Ice Cream Stick Christmas Tree

Popsicle sticks are an affordable and easy-to-work material for making an alternative Christmas tree. If you want to go for a rustic style this idea is perfect for celebrating holiday decorations.

Industrial Christmas Tree

You can also display masculine industrial style, recycle bottle caps and string them into a Christmas tree.

Medical Christmas Tree

Latex gloves can be used as an alternative Christmas tree idea. If you are a health worker, use this theme for holiday decorations, the moment is perfect this year. We will all remember the services of the medics.

Terracotta Pot Christmas Tree

This year can be used as a simple and fun DIY craft. You can use terracotta pots for holiday decorations, choose the paint color you want and give it a Christmas decoration.

Coffe Cup Christmas Tree

You can use all the items you have at home to make an alternative Christmas tree, one of which is a coffee cup.

Paper Christmas Tree

Make this year’s holiday with paper Christmas tree craft ideas. You can start with origami paper, old newspaper, or song notation paper.

Fabric Christmas Tree

Fabric Christmas tree can be used as an alternative choice, you can sew or string it. This tree is one of the beautiful decoration ideas that you can put on the table.

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