DIY-Creative Ways to Hide Wires Straggle at Home

Cables are sometimes like tangled threads that are difficult to trim when all meet and gather together. While temporary installation at home makes the scene look messy, all this mess must be overcome with clever ideas. Hiding the cables planted inside walls or floors is work that requires construction tools and requires expertise in this field. But this method is very simple and can be done alone when you are bored with the current situation, you stay at home and work on this creative idea.

Creative Ideas for Hiding Tv Cables

The cables that connect the TV with the electric switch and the TV with the antenna or wifi, look messy next to the TV. This looks bad and is not fun, the creative idea to overcome this problem is? You can attach plastic plant ornaments and birds perch on between leaves. You can buy plants or make them yourself, this method is very creative to try

This way you can do it yourself at home, plywood and recycled wood is enough to make these cables look neat.

This idea is quite smart to copy at home, hiding the cable TV behind the tree wall painting. The choice of black earna for the tree is adjusted to the color of the cable, you can try it with another color and adjust the color of the cable.

Utilizing used cardboard

Used cardboard can be used for something of value at home, the picture above is a clear example of the use of used cardboard to hide the cable gadgets. Look neat and also a small decoration that is quite beautiful for the table.

DIY Unique Decoration

This method is quite unique, attach the leaves to the cable. The cable looks like it is overgrown with leaves, the leaves are made of paper, can be done in DIY or buy leaf-shaped cable clips.

Covering the hanging cable with patterned paper is also a good idea to make it look cool. You can try using another idea, pictorial paper according to your choice.

You can do this work at home, you can cover up the long unraveled cables with this creative idea.


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