DIY How to Make Leaf Motif Stepping Stones

Work that can be done on weekends is easy and certainly very pleasant for the beauty of your garden. Make stepping stones with leaf motifs, stone molds made of cast cement material that you can create yourself at home. Prepare the materials needed:
1. Cement
2. Sand
3. Water
4. Cement trowel
5. Mold from circular cardboard
6. Leaves ( we use teak leaves )
We begin step by step:
Step 1
Mix cement and sand according to composition, good composition ratio is 1: 2. Pour enough water, use water not excessive because it will make a runny mixture. It is not good for the results of cement mixture.
Step 2
Prepare the mold and leaves, place the leaves under the mold. Make sure the mold presses the leaves firmly, so that there are no cavities.

Step 3
Pour the cement mixture into the mold, making sure there are no bubbles and cavities. Flatten it with a cement trowel until it’s completely flat and looks solid.
Step 4
Let the mold dry in the sun.
Step 5
If it is completely dry, remove the mold carefully.

It’s easy to try, a beautiful stepping stone of his own work.

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