DIY Plastic Bottle Project – Making Santa Claus and Snowman

Collect all the plastic bottle trash, today we are not just cleaning up the warehouse but preparing for winter holidays by doing DIY projects. Do you have any other plans, if you are also a DIY lover I am very happy. I love all DIY projects, processing used goods into new items that have benefits. DIY projects always surprise me and inspire a lot to make new ideas.

Christmas is coming soon and there is a lot of work to prepare, this year’s DIY Christmas project is all about plastic bottles. Processing them into adorable Christmas decorations makes me excited. Budget-friendly decoration ideas are the right idea to choose, and do DIY projects to spice up Christmas year this.

Making Santa Claus Using Plastic Bottles.

Plastic bottles can be processed into various kinds of unique crafts, using simple tools and can be done by even a beginner. Making Santa Claus is not a difficult job, take red and white. Not a single part of a plastic bottle must be cut or changed. Color the bottle using red and white, add a few small touches. DIY Santa Claus is done, it doesn’t take much time and is very easy.

Diy Snowman from Plastic Bottles.

A highly recommended craft for children, they will definitely like it. Collecting used plastic bottles is not a difficult job for them, plastic milk drink bottles are very familiar to them. You can give messages to children not to throw away the bottles, collect and clean we are going to make christmas crafts.

Easy and Practical Crafts.

This is a DIY job for beginners, if you find it difficult to come up with a practical idea. Still using plastic bottles, the same idea with a difficulty level at the lower level. You can give this idea to young children, maybe five years old. They can join doing plastic bottle DIY projects, keep them busy and don’t leave them idle.



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