DIY-Star Wars Vinyl Clock

You are a star wars boy fan? How many items have you bought at the store to fill your collection shelves at home. Shirts, bags, shoes, posters, all items related to star wars are in your home. So much money to buy goods Your collectibles? Hobbies can sometimes not be bought, it is an unlimited satisfaction. Talking about satisfaction, it’s a good idea to try this one. As a true fan boy star wars, of course, the star wars-themed clock collection is already cling to the hands and walls of your room. Try something different, make a wall clock made from vinyl recorder. Certainly not an easy thing for those of you who are trying for the first time, but true fans really understand the details of each character from the star wars figures. That is very helpful , because the details of the character you want to make are already in your brain.

The ideas that we have summarized can help you get inspired. The pictures we show are made from used vinyl recorders, it doesn’t hurt if you try to make from other materials. From cardboard, acrylic, or similar materials that are easy to cut. Good luck trying , I hope you find pleasure.

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