Farmhouse Architectural Design

Natural-style architecture that reflects the rural atmosphere is the main characteristic of the farmhouse. The main material is dominated by wood, from walls, floors, ceilings. The design of the window that looks great, the lighting with classic-style lamps makes it a home design that is much in demand. This type of architect style offers an atmosphere full of warmth and comfort. There are also those who say that this house is suitable for people with romantic personality and likes calmness. Because the color used is more dominant to soft colors. Whatever the type of personality of people, when talking about residential more emphasis on taste. But the architect style of the farmhouse is indeed more flexible. In terms of appearance and material used, the architect’s style is very likely to be combined with modern style. Because wood is more dominating as the main material, then it is not difficult for the mix with modern architects.
If you like a quiet rural atmosphere, architectural style farmhouse type could be an option in building a house.

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