Great Idea for Giving The Color of The Door

These are great ideas to paint on the outside door of the house that will make you stop to enjoy the beauty of each color stroke. These doors were nothing before, even look like worthless old wood. Maybe the door could have been recycled to look new, but for creative people it’s not enough. A more challenging idea will be a fun job than just changing it to look new.

Making an old door as a medium for painting is a great idea, because it is not easy to paint on hard media such as wood. This work is very different when painting on canvas or paper. Paintings can display beauty perfectly, very different from images produced from photography or digital printing. So if you want to give a new color to the door of the house, this idea is very good. This idea can also be used as inspiration for the decoration of the doors outside your home.
Please enjoy the great works of door painting below, and how you think.

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