Handling Furniture from a Tree Branch

Home furniture ideas use tree branches as pullers for drawers and door handles. This is a natural idea that you can work on by yourself, a tree branch that is converted into a more valuable item. You will be impressed with the results, this tree branch changes the door and drawers more naturally. This branch comes from mahogany and teak wood preserved with chemical varnish or preservatives.Check out interesting and creative ideas from tree branches that will make you interested to try.

1.Door Pull Handle
Most doors are brown in color, or let the wood stay natural and polish it with varnish. The tree door pull handle makes the door look more natural. For modern style door, the door color is more varied, but the tree door pull handle still looks charming. The door handle ideas from the tree branch will look attractive for a rustic style house door.

2. Draw Pull
Make a drawer draw with a natural concept, tree branches give a different color. The drawer pull is no less interesting than the drawer pull in general.


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