Healthy Christmas Food and How to Decorate

Every big celebration there must be a special dish on the table, what have you prepared to welcome it. I am very selective in food matters, healthy food is the top priority. At big moments we unconsciously forget to remember it, and sink into sugar and cake. Fill the plate with fruit, bring it to the table and start making decorations to make it interesting. Especially for children, it is difficult to encourage them to eat vegetables and fruits. Garnishing vegetables and fruit will be a fun food and a great idea to attract interest Maybe you think you need special skills to be able to decorate fruits like a professional chef. You can take a simple way and the results will not disappoint. Enchant the children by decorating healthy food for holiday celebrations.

Christmas Tree is Healthy and Edible

To make the watermelon look attractive according to the holiday theme, using a kitchen knife you can make a creative Christmas tree idea.

You can try other ideas using a different fruit, and add star-shaped cheese on top.

If you choose vegetables as the main ingredient it is good, besides being healthy, they are good for the body. The ideas below can be used as great inspiration on a plate.

This is a great idea to try, you can create winter decorations and put them on the table.

Use Prints to Make Work Easier

Trouble with a knife? Make the job easier and more fun. Using prints, you can score lots of stars quickly and make interesting Christmas food creations.

Snowman Fruit

Don’t leave the snowman just as a Christmas decoration, make an edible snowman. You can easily make it, and serve it as a healthy Christmas menu.

Santa Claus from Bananas and Strawberries

Candy Cane

Materials needed: bananas and strawberries, with these two kinds of fruit you can make a healthy candy cane to eat.                                                 

Grinch Theme Christmas Food

I find a lot of kids like the theme of the grinch for their Christmas party. For that I show you the idea of decorating food with the theme of The Grinch that you can copy.

Other Ideas that Can be Used as Additional References

Do not focus only on general ideas, make something different and attract the attention of children to munch on healthy food. Stick to the Christmas theme, some of the ideas for decorating healthy food below can be used as additional references. Children will definitely be interested in seeing it.

Now you have some creative food decorating ideas for Christmas snacks and ready to make a great party for the kids.

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