Inexpensive Media for Motor Development of Children

The child’s motor development needs to be stimulated so that it grows perfectly. There are two motor development in children, gross motor and fine motor. Running, running, physical movements as a form of gross motor. Playing is a common activity carried out by children, with play will stimulate fine motor development. In the time of growth and development children have a high curiosity. They try to interact with objects that are around them. What they touch is the process of collecting data as a reaction from the nerves of the brain in development.

To train the motor development of children the idea of a busy board is a very inexpensive way. A wooden board that can be done alone at home. The way is very simple, with a capital of a wooden board and used items at home. Contact top, plastic bottles, door hinges , shoelaces, resereting, all used goods that can be used as a media for busyness. The important thing to note is, washing used items with hot water, soap, and alcohol. The skin of children is still very sensitive, to avoid bacteria or germs.After thoroughly clean paste the used items on the board. Placement of objects on the board properly is very helpful in the process of motor development of children.

For parents who want to design a busy board at home, you can see the pictures below as a guide. The design of a motorcycle, car, owl, house, airplane board can be inspired.

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