Inspiration Today is The Perfect Interior of a Small Apartment

Today I will share a small apartment with an interior design that is done in detail and meticulously. All the spaces are designed to the maximum and are well connected to each other without feeling bored to enjoy each step. Let’s start the journey and see how each room is built.
The room is perfectly designed, modern minimalist interior and everything that is not needed must be removed. Everything looks not boring, the bedroom is facing the window while using it as a balcony.

Each room is designed to the maximum as you see here, this is the perfect boundary for the bedroom, reading room, and wardrobe. Try to pay attention to your use of the narrow space perfectly. The table faces the window of the bed, despite the size small table but when the window is open it’s enough to manipulate the view. All the problems of narrow space can be overcome with this smart solution.

The kitchen merges in one room with a bed, a dining table that is enough to entertain four people. Hanging pendant lights as lighting on the dining table is the right trick to get rid of the empty impression that has no meaning. High ceilings make the interior of the room seem as if loses its appeal, but pendant lights play a very good role. The important thing to be concerned about is the large attic window that provides natural lighting, this is very useful for perfect lighting.

Now we see how this small apartment leaves room for a bathroom. This is an important room that cannot be underestimated. After all the spaces provide perfect comfort, it’s time you see how the interior of the bathroom.

Now you believe that this apartment is one dream that can be realized. How to make the right interior design to be able to make the most of a small room.

Cartelle Design has worked well to design this apartment, when a client comes and tells what he wants.

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