Kids Craft – Pencil Holder Ideas Using Paper Rolls

An easy and fun kids craft idea to support their learning activities is to make a pencil holder. The pencil holder uses toilet paper rolls with their super hero idol character or animal character. All it takes is wrapping the toilet paper roll in the color paper you want. Kids will have no trouble following the instructions for making this pencil holder.The shape of the pencil holder is simple and cute they will easily understand, they can do it step by step.

kids need inspiration for creative ideas that are easy to digest and understand, and the ideas here can help them. Kids imaginations are more responsive if they see a picture of ideas about their world. The pencil holder from the roll of tissue will become their work to be proud of. They will learn to store writing utensils properly using their pencil cases. Appreciating their school supplies through the handicrafts they make themselves is one of the many ways they can be done. And invite your kids to take a look at the creative ideas for cute and unique paper pencil holders below.

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