Learn and Play with Kid’s Modular Furniture Models

Modular furniture that also functions as a toy, can be disassembled, has a multipurpose function, is a furniture design idea that deserves to be placed in a children’s room. With more practical reasons, the benefits also get more. Multifunctional furniture can stimulate creativity children, they are more motivated to know ideas that are practical and functional.

Libero Design Studio with designers Ekaterina Shchetina and Libero Rutilo, presenting the work of a modular modular furniture. Features with multifunctional concept of wood and foam animals, as a seat, bench, pouf, table and media to play piggyback. Everything can be saved by blending in one line or in a pile. Media play that is perfect for children with material that is not dangerous for all ages.

Boxes and blocks are children’s toys that are mostly found. Arranging boxes and blocks into various shapes is a very fun activity for children. But arranging blocks into something that can be functioned to help their activities is a very smart activity. Ideas The following furniture is a concrete manifestation of an intelligent concept. The arranged blocks can be dismantled and united into a seat, bed, storage room, also a place to play. With colors that describe the world of children, will encourage them to play in a creative way.

A set of furniture models below is also not a bad idea for children’s play media, tables, chairs, stroller which also functions as a toy box. Children can experiment with this furniture model to train motor development. All are made of wood, so it’s safe for all ages.

So the conclusion is, choose a safe and inspiring toy for children at home. Because their growth period is a golden period, don’t let it pass without meaningful value.


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