Lighting Decoration on The Wall

Good lighting in the room will change all existing perceptions. Conventional lighting on the ceiling does feel enough to illuminate a room, but it does not give the impression that it is truly perfect.Using a wall lamp to add to the beauty of the room decoration is a way that is mostly done in the modern era. The lights that not only act as lights, but also display an affirmation of the concept of interior design that was built.

Modern interior design with a minimalist characteristic, attaching lights to the wall as decoration and lighting without ignoring the lighting from the ceiling. Combining both lighting is very effective displaying the room with a modern and futuristic style. This is a smart trick to maximize lighting while beautifying room display. LED lights do not take up a lot of power, so the heat emitted will not affect the room. The temperature of the room remains conducive even though many lights are installed on the wall or attached to the ceiling.

Wall Lighting Combined with Wood Panels

No less interesting is the combination of wood paneling and lighting that illuminates the gap between the panels. The light emitted looks mysterious and does not have a meaningful effect on the room. The lamp only serves to emphasize the details of the wood panel, so that the main light remains the lighting of the room. However The impression of luxury can be seen from the combination of both, a combination of classic and modern.

Find a Conclusion

Good room lighting places various types of light that are set according to different levels to display attractive lighting. Good lighting will affect one’s mud, all depends on taste. There is no standard rule in this case, find the perfect lighting combination to build mud the good one.

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