Modern Clock Design Style Mid Century Art

Modern clock designs are influenced by the art style of cubism and surrealism and are more directed to the concept of room decoration. Although many are decorated with geometric shapes with striking primary colors, the function of the clock can still be seen in this modern clock design. between the rotation of the needle and serves as a substitute for the numbers on the clock. The geometric shapes express the numbers at ninety degrees. Looking at the design view, this modern clock is designed with mature calculations to function properly. out of all conventional traditions to create new ideas.

This clock offers a modern decoration concept with an abstract style that suits modern home interiors. It does not only look like a clock but it is like an abstract painting on display at the end of the house. Modern clock ideas have two functions, as a timepiece and home decor. This clock can be used as a reference to decorate the house without difficulty finding the right idea for the wall.

Modern Clock for Home Decoration

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