Outer Space Bedroom Decorations

Space has always been an interesting theme for room decoration, the eyes will never get bored looking at the lights of sparkling stars and planets. Common objects in space-themed decorations. Blue and gray become the dominant color, this makes the room very relevant to put some furniture into the room. Display room will not be disturbed because the two colors are very friendly and quite easy to mix with other colors.

Space-themed bedroom decorations can use wall paintings, 3D wallpapers, or use glow stars that will glow when the room lights are turned off. Miniature planets hanging in the room make the decoration feel more alive. This idea can be done by making your own palnet- planets by using a ball, in combination with a hanging room lamp make the appearance feel perfect. Furnishings resembling rocket shapes can be a cool idea for a space-themed room.

Check out the cool space-themed bedroom collection below.

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