Pretty Vines For Your Home

Vines can be made as an option to beautify the house, one of which is on the porch of the house. The front view of the house will feel beautiful and cooler with the presence of vines. In addition to functioning as a protective plant, vines also add beautiful to your home. Vines have many variants that you can choose as decoration. There are flowering vines and there are only leaves. Flowering vines add color to your patio, but if you prefers the lush atmosphere then choose leaf vines.

You can also give a touch of green to the window, by placing a wooden trellis attached to the wall. Using long pots and wooden pots as a medium for climbing plants is a simple way of making vines at home. If you are a fan of DIY, making your own media will be more fun. By tying several branches vertically and hanging them to the wall. The look of your house as a whole will look cool.

The following simple idea can be used as inspiration in making vines at home. Tahisis berahab wood or iron can be used for growing plant media. Or a simple way by stretching bamboo horizontally.

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