Room Decoration In Blue

Choosing the right color for the room requires a wise approach. Not just talking about taste or mood, because sometimes the mood that is built changes. You like the color green, another day really like the color red. Maybe neutral color choices so the solution to overcome it, the color of white or gray is finally a choice. The thing to consider is the atmosphere what you want to display from the color. Because color has a psychological effect that many people may not realize it.

We will try to discuss about the color blue, how the philosophy and the impressions and effects displayed on the room painted in blue. The sky and the sea represent the blue color in nature which describes the vast and deep space. The blue color is associated with professionalism and confidence in psychological terms. In many ways blue is more likeable because it is a peaceful color. Then how blue is used as a color for color, of course the impression displayed feels shady. The effect of blue can also affect the brain, soothing, opening communication, broadening perspective and intuition abilities. Very impressive what is produced in blue. So it is appropriate if you choose blue to paint your room. for color therapy at home. By displaying blue in one room and in combination with other colors that become i your favorite color.

Each color has a gradation, each gradation has a different impression and appearance. It is very important to know the impression that can be displayed on each gradation in blue.
1. Pale blue inspires creativity and freedom.
2. Sky blue is one of the calmest colors, inspiring love and loyalty.
3. Azure blue reflects the color of personal satisfaction, inspires determination and ambition.
4. Dark blue is a conservative color and responsibility, a masculine color that represents knowledge, strength and integrity.
That’s a brief review of the blue color that can be applied to the room. Because the color gives an psychological effect, so you can wisely choose a color that gives a positive effect without overriding aesthetic values. If you are interested in shades of blue, try to pay attention to the picture of the room in blue below. What do you feel, do you find a feeling of peace?

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