Rustic Style Interior Design

Rustic-style room decoration has a characteristic that accentuates natural elements in the room. Rough texture of brick and natural stone ornaments is the main characteristic of rustic-style interior. Furniture made of wood with a natural appearance that has not been finished and not imitation wood. Natural colors that dominate make the room with rustic style feels warm, brown, gray, red oxbloob plus decoration from natural elements makes it feel natural. Large wooden ceilings that look raw with exposed motifs make an absolute requirement of rustic interiors. Textured fabrics made from linen or wool are applied as a carpet or upholstery of chairs. Metal furniture that looks old becomes an inseparable part of the rustic style. Large windows make the entry of light and air into the room more perfect.

All elements in rustic-style interior design make it a lot of interest. Even though the impression that is displayed feels old-fashioned, but the comfort that is produced feels like living in a rural environment far from the city crowd. The rustic style can also be combined with modern interior style, iterior minimalist style can be combined with rustic style furniture to display ethnic impressions in the room. Modern rustic concepts that prioritize natural elements in interior design show a luxurious impression and describe one’s identity.

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