Sandbox and Chalkboard Ideas for Backyard Play Areas

Playing sand scribble is two activities that are much loved by children. What if this activity is carried out outdoors, it will certainly be a very pleasant day for them.Designing a sand box and chalkboard will be quite a fun DIY job at home. Sandboxes are designed using wood that is built to form a square. Make sure the wood is tightly connected so that the sand does not splatter out, or use a tarpaulin as a sand container Sandboxes are around 100 to 150cm with a height of about 30cm, a size that is ideal for making a sandbox as a children’s playground.

This is arae play ideas for children that is quite interesting in the backyard. Children will stay safe playing under supervision, and they will not feel bored while staying at home. Try this simple idea for children to play and learn at home.

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