The Art of Creative Recycling Plastic Bottles

DIY ideas for recycling plastic bottles are scattered on the internet, but I am interested to see it from an artistic point of view. This is not just a DIY job, but talking about processing waste which has aesthetic value is more challenging for me. I take it as part of my creativity, because creative ideas are not limited to materials.

If you like DIY projects especially those related to plastic bottles, it’s time to move up the class. And take a look at some of the options you can use from processing plastic bottles to decorating or home lighting. Without thinking let’s see what plastic bottles can do.

Plastic Bottle Animal Sculpture

Sculpture can be applied using plastic bottle media, this is a smart idea to recycle waste. If you see a work like this, what’s in your mind. This plastic bottle sculpture can be used as room decoration or garden decoration. Garden decoration ideas using plastic bottles, you can take it from here.

Wall Decoration

You can save money to decorate the walls of the house, plastic bottles provide a smart solution. Buying animal head wall decorations is of course expensive, you can make them using plastic bottles.


From the wall decoration you can modify the lighting. The idea is quite simple, add a light bulb and stick it to the wall. Now you have an artistic DIY decorative lamp from a plastic bottle.

Installation Art

Czech artist Veronika Richterová has a deep concern for plastic bottle waste. One of her art exhibitions, entitled Turning Plastic Waste into Art, exhibits her work using plastic bottle media.

Cartoon Art

The French illustrator artist Gilbert Legrand transforms objects that are common in everyday life into cartoon characters. His creative eye observes the objects around them and takes a further ledge by painting them. Gilbert modifies objects we never imagined to be funny characters.Gilbert’s very imaginative work can be an inspiration to create other unique works.

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