The History of The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree, which has been around for over eight decades, is housed in Midtown Manhattam, New York City, United States. This Christmas tree is on display in mid-November and broadcast publicly via NBC at Rockefeller Center. Approximately 125 million people visit, and it is claimed to be the symbol of the world’s Christmas tree, a claim that cannot be denied due to the large number of visitors.

The 69 to 100 foot tall Norwegian spruce is a tree that has been in use since 1933, a national tradition. The Norwegian spruce was chosen because of its characteristic straight trunk and can withstand winds.

The history of the Rockefeller Christmas tree dates back to 1931 during construction at the Rockefeller Center. Two years later this tree was dubbed a holiday saur for New Yorkers and visitors. In 1936 the skating rink opened under a tree in the square, and Rockefeller has become a tradition Below is a collection of photos of the Rockefeller Christmas tree from year to year.

Built in 1931, a Christmas tree decorated with a handmade wreath. When a clutch plague broke out, the Rockefeller workers decided to raise money together to buy a 20-foot tall spruce.The photo shows workers lining up to receive salaries on Christmas Eve.


In 1933 for the first time the Rockefeller Christmas tree lit the lights, and it was decided as an annual tradition.


In 1936 two Christmas trees stood at Rockefeller and opened the sketing area; that year the ice sketing competition began.


In 1942 during World War II, no important materials were used. Three simple trees stand at Rockefeller, a simple and patriotic design using a red, white, blue globe decoration, a painted wooden star, and no lighting on the Christmas tree.


1950 Christmas tree that required 20 workers to decorate the tree with scaffolding for nine days.


1970 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, angel sculptures and lighting decorations.


1999 marks the largest Christmas tree ever for Rockefeller Center; a 100-foot tall evergreen tree from Killingworth; Connecticut.


The tragedy of 11 September 2001 became the idea of a Christmas tree decoration theme. Red, white, and patriotic blue became the main theme to commemorate the tragedy of the world trade center. People all over the world visit Rorkefeller to see the tree.


The 550-pound Swarovski star designed by German artist Michael Hammers adorns the treetops for the first time. 25,000 crystals and one million facets are 9.5 feet wide for decoration.


2010 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree


Rockefeller Center Christmas tree 2019 with spectacular lighting ceremony.

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