The Latest Inspiration for Modern Bathroom Interiors

The bathroom has become a major concern in modern interior design, and began to be developed seriously. In reality the bathroom is a private room, not like a public toilet that everyone is free to enter and exit without problems. So it makes sense if a room that can be accessed a lot the interior is designed as attractive as possible.

The bathroom has become an important part that can not be considered trivial in a house. Minimalist style interior design is in the interest of millennials because it looks simple, modern, and looks neat. And one of the many modern bathroom interior designs that attract attention is collaboration between Laufen’s company and Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola Hidalgo. Laufen introduces a collection of sonar and shapirkeramik materials inspired by sound waves in water. What interests me is not the material used but the limiting bathroom glass. When exposed to sunlight will reflect the effect rainbow that radiates to every corner of the room. This is a great idea that can be used as inspiration for a modern bathroom interior.

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