Traditional House Architect From Minang Land

This article will review the exotic traditional houses of the Southeast Asian region, precisely in the land of Minang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The traditional houses from West Sumatra located in the country of Indonesia are one of the thousands of the most famous traditional houses. The architect’s design is magnificent and full of cultural symbols, so it is not haphazardly in the process of its construction. The local community calls it the Godang House, Bangonjong House, and Baanjuang House. tribe. The function of this building is for family consultation, traditional ceremonies, also for residence. As a house that is considered a sacred place there are manners that must be guarded when entering it.

The design of the roof of this house is curved upwards to resemble a buffalo horn. The shape of the roof is stratified like a ship, local people call it the oval roof. The shape of the ship is a symbol of the Minang community’s memories of their ancestors who sailed to their land. It has a hierarchical meaning in power and retrieval decision.

The design of this house is not symmetrical rectangular, its shape is influenced by the natural conditions of Minang which consists of high and low datarn which are prone to earthquakes. Its function is to protect the occupants of the house from wild animal attacks.
The walls of the house are made of wood with carved ornaments depicting natural symbols. That is the review of the architect from the land of Minang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, which has the majesty of a charming building style.

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