Unique Coffee Table with a Natural Fiber Look

This coffee table looks like a left-over pile of wood, but it’s not like that actually. Wood is left to look natural with fibers that are clearly visible to accentuate the rustic style. The legs are made not so prominent, when viewed the eyes will not be focused to him.Transparent acrylic material used as legs makes the table look like it is floating.The eye is more focused on the appearance of natural and rough wood, this is a good visual trick. In this way fibrous wood is the main focal point. Placing small feet of iron is also another that can be done, the same goal is to focus the appearance of fibers wood. Or a cast concrete table that looks like a failure could be an option to display a cool looking decoration style.

This coffee table can beautify the look of the room, when side by side with other furniture with different designs this table will not lose its beauty. Placing this coffee table in your room will be a friend enjoying a memorable cup of warm coffee.

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