Very Minimalist Kitchen Set Ideas

This is not a kitchen set model in an emergency situation, or those who are trapped in a financial crisis so they have to downsize. But this is a practical kitchen set, for those who like a simple and free life. But that does not mean that a very minimalist kitchen set model is not deserve to be a part of the modern home interior. Let us consider, this kitchen set only consists of a square wooden board and there is only a sink and stove on it. There is no storage space below, leaving only an empty space. storage is right above the kitchen set with the same concept. Similar models are also displayed by industrial style kitchen sets, a simple concept that can be made by yourself at home. Only by stacking several pallets, six or four pallets adjusted to the desired height Stick it with wood glue and then strengthen it with nails, this kitchen set can be functioned. It’s easy enough to make it, and do not be prejudiced if this simple furniture loses style. This is an example of an economical and environmentally friendly furniture idea, by utilizing recycled wood this furniture can be made part of the interior of the house.

Lots of space can be saved with this minimalist model kitchen set. Flexible placement can be set and adjusted to the design of the house. The remaining space can be used for other furniture. Not only small houses are suitable for this kitchen set, but a house with a room that is quite loose is also suitable. How does this simple kitchen set look when in the kitchen? try to note carefully, that this model is quite relevant to choose from.


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