11 Wardrobe Door Designs to Suit Your Room’s Interior Style

The wardrobe does not only talk about its function as a clothes storage, more than that the design also speaks in giving color to the interior of the room.

What are the main considerations when you have to choose a wardrobe. Design and storage capacity, it is one of the considerations. But design is the main reason and gives impetus to making decisions. Talking about design, there are some interesting designs I want to talk about. Especially design door, because the door is a part of the wardrobe that can be modified from the outside. So far I have never seen a wardrobe design in a different form. Maybe there are designers who have strange ideas, but I doubt the storage.

Back to the wardrobe door design, a good design will affect the interior style of the room. Overall the wardrobe has an appeal in the room. And these reasons can be the right consideration to determine the style that suits the interior of the room. Let’s take a look at the following wardrobe door ideas.

Wardrobe door design

Keeping wood colors looking natural is not a bad idea for a wardrobe, so you can make a decision with wardrobe designs that match your style.

Luxurious design

A room with luxurious interior is everyone’s dream, this wardrobe with luxurious door designs can be used as a reference to add to the luxury of the interior of the room.

Colorful design

Simple colors keep the wardrobe elegant, too passionate for color only messes with the beauty of the wardrobe.

Sliding door design

Wardrobes using sliding doors are very practical and make it easy to open and close. If your clothes are abundant, a door design like this is suitable to choose. Storage space can also be designed nicely.

This sliding door design utilizes the hole as a handle, the hole also functions as air circulation to keep the storage space moist.


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