22 Unique and Stylish Window Grill Design for Home Security

Home security has evolved into a modern and practical direction, technology has taken over the conventional role and left it as someone who is forgotten. We recognize window grills as one of the intruder protection models, which are widely used in homes for decades, especially those made of iron. And as we know the window grills model has been removed by modern safeguards. But that doesn’t mean that window grills have been abandoned by the fans. Because I still see a lot of homes that use window grills as an option to secure their homes.

Starting from there I had the initiative to offer a unique and stylish window grill design. Apart from protecting the windows from intruders, the window grills I offer have a trendy design. And if you are interested in using conventional methods then that is not a bad idea. I personally have a reason, iron window grills have a long level of durability, affordable maintenance costs over a long period of time.

Let’s take a look at a collection of unique designed window grills that will make your windows look more stylish.

Root Window Grill Design

Offering a challenging design, the root-shaped window grill makes your home look unique and stylish. For you lovers of the gothic style, this window grill design is perfect for stealing.

Abstract Design

Abstract shapes are difficult for most people to understand, what is the meaning and purpose of these shapes. But abstract window grill designs have different purposes. The shapes that are difficult to understand actually give beauty and uniqueness through the windows of the house. In addition to the style and unique of your home is guaranteed to be safe from intruders

Floral Window Grills

Flower motifs are in great demand and are very attractive as models for window grills.

Spider Webs

Are you a spiderman fan? Make iron cobwebs on the windows of your house, spider man will guard your house from intruders.

Light Effect Motif

Light depicted in wavy lines is a unique idea to serve as a model for a window grill design. You can use a design like this to add a more stylish look to the exterior of your home.

Iron Window Grills

Iron window grills are in high demand, strong and durable.

Window Grill With Flower Box

Don’t worry about your windows losing their appeal, you can still decorate them with flower boxes. You can secure both and this idea will not erase the beauty of your home.

Musical Style

Music symbols can be used as a window grill design idea, it looks unique and creative to keep your home safe.

Carpenter Pincers

I’m sure the thieves will think of infiltrating your house if they see your window like this. Are you thinking of trying this unique window grill idea.

House Plants

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