28 Plant Themed Bedroom Wall Mural Ideas

Are you looking for the best decoration ideas for your bedroom?. Mural is one of the right ideas, simple and easy to modify whenever you are bored. There are many reasons you can consider in this case, you don’t need to include many elements in it. By giving a touch of art to the walls, the bedroom space will feel the difference.

There are many choices of mural themes that you can apply, and in this article I collect 28 of the best mural ideas with the theme of plants. I’m sure you will be inspired and find the right image to choose, because at housemypedia.com there are many decorating ideas that you can choose.

1.Mural in Amazing Watercolor Style

Bright and soft colors will spoil the eyes, if you like softness this idea is the right choice.

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2.Pastel Colors Bring a Soft Atmosphere in the Bedroom

You are a calm and gentle person, the mural below can represent your feelings.

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painting leaves in pastel colors makes the bedroom feel comfortable

3.Abstract Plants

Abstract style looks modern, reflects a dynamic personality and likes a challenge. You can apply it to the walls of the room.

bedroom mural in abstract style

4.Decorative Plant

bedroom wall decorative colors

5.Colorful Flowers Bloom

colorful flower bedroom wall decoration

6.Simple and has a Deep Meaning

pour your memories as part of the bedroom decoration

7.Nature Wall Decor

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