5 Hook Design that Will Make The Walls More Attractive

If the walls of your house are still plain and you are still looking for a way to make it look attractive, you should try to consider the interesting hook ideas that I will review below. Because this is not just a hook, but also has a unique design and appearance.

1.Dart Hook

Are you a dart throwing game lover ?, this hook is highly recommended for you.

a hook that resembles a game of darting

dart hook products in one package

The shape of the hook is the same as the arrow in a dart game, the difference lies in the tip. The arrowhead is replaced with a nut which functions so that the hook is firmly attached to the wall and is able to withstand the load when used.

how to hang clothes that are unique

You have different ways of hanging suits and styles and you can have this hook at www.ebay.com

2.Hoe Fork Hook

This hook has a shape that is not much different from a fork hoe, only different materials made. For hoe fork hooks there are many places to hang some items. This hook looks natural and unique, the walls of your house will look attractive even if you forget to hang your clothes.

fork hoe hook for hanging clothes on the wall

unique hooks for hanging items at home

3.Brush Hook

What do you think if you see the brushes sticking to the wall, but there is something strange about the brush. The bristles are stiff as if not cared for after being used and made a wall decoration. But it is not a wall decoration that lacks ideas, because the brush has changed its function as a You can make cool DIY hooks using a brush, you only need wood glue to harden the bristles. Easy enough, right?, and the walls of your house will be more interesting.

a brush whose bristles are made stiff for a coat hanger

4.Bird Hook

The cute and cute bird-shaped hook is sure to be adorable if you stick it on the wall. You will be surprised to see the birds sticking to the wall and not think that it serves as a hook. Maybe what you think is part of the wall decoration, I thought so the first time see it.

bird model wall hook product

bird hooks make the walls look attractive

Bird hooks are so cute and cute, if you hang up your clothes or hat, they are sure to look adorable.

5.Bomb Hook

Mehmet Erdi Özgürlük & Anıl Ercan created a hanger design to commemorate the Hiroshima bomb. The bomb hangs on a balloon tied with a rope, the tail of the bomb serves as a hanging place for clothes

Balloons will look attractive at night, because they are luminous and can be used as decorative lights.

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