Burgundy Color Living Room

Colors can add aesthetic values if they are poured in wise, and vice versa. Like on the interor of the room, the color changes the mood in an instant. I will talk about Burgundy colors, a combination of red and brown.This color has saturated character, but many people like it and the more popular.Burgundy are firm colors to create contrast in the room. But you have to be careful about using this color, it is necessary to plan mature to get the results you expect.

If you plan to enter this color into the interior of the living room , see the inspiration below.


Interior Color Accent


Burgundy Color Accent of the Living Room

The interior of the living room with a maroon accent creates a great contrast line combined with gray walls. White sky is a safe choice because it can work well. If you just combine maroon and gray red, it will only be Make the room darker. White color gives the right solution to create burgundy colors in the living room.The maroon sofa and cream colored carpet are perfect combinations.


Red Maroon and White

red maroon wall

Perfect combination if you want a room that looks clean, simple and classic.The red red maroon block on one wall with many white colors creates a warm and cold.The cream couch and wood accessories, make a living room that is stylis and modern.

Trendy Living Room Color


Living room wall color


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