Creative Wall Shelf from Tree Branches

A tree branch rack is a creative idea, this shelf uses branch branches as a support for the board. Branches that naturally move freely become an attraction for the shelf. Apart from its function, the shelf can also be used as a natural home decoration. For lovers of rustic decorations or natural decorations, this idea is very suitable for choice.

The tree branch shelf is like a picture of nature attached to the wall, the shelf looks neat in the corner of the room. It seems that nature has naturally designed the shelf and it just remains to assemble it. A tree branch shelf is a creative idea and is a piece of furniture that serves two purposes, as storage and as a chic decoration for a room.

Tree branches do look plain with irregular branches, and few ideas that can be applied. But that is just a glimpse of the mind, because in fact the chains can be modified into different shelves.

Plain wood can look more beautiful and look creative, by adding a leg of a tree branch to the perfect changing look.

This wood is just a plain, meaningless plank, and a tree branch has given it a different value. When the twig is turned into a leg, a creative shelf you see.

tree branches have turned plain wooden planks into creative and decorative shelves.

Branches become attractive decorations on wooden shelves.

shelf of tree branches in the corner of the room

tree branch shelves are a great idea for wall decor.


You need something fresh to organize books, this account answers your wishes.

If bookshelves in general are not very attractive, try this one. It looks natural, functional, and also a decoration for the room.

If you are confused about the corner of the living room, what can be on display. To make it more functional, a tree branch rack can be the right solution. Functional and decorative.

A tree branch rack is a great idea for storage.

tree branch shelves decorate the walls of the house, a natural and unique decoration idea.

A tree branch wall shelf is not just a shelf, but more than anything else. You will definitely be interested in bringing it and attaching it to the wall of your home.

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